About Us

Van Diemen Genetics’ are a family owned and run business with staff who have been dairy farmers for decades. Across our team we have extensive knowledge and experience working with and advising Australian dairy and beef farmers in their herd improvement.

Animal genetics is a fast moving industry and solutions to improve the productivity and prosperity of dairy farmers all around the world.

If there’s one certainty with dairy farming, it’s that it never stands still. It’s always evolving, changing and looking ahead. It’s always improving.


Our Purpose: Empowering Farmers

Through genetics and information to create superior cattle for the beef and dairy industry. By providing information on the latest technology and options to improve the farmers’ ability to make key decisions about their herd development and management and last but not least, superior customer service.

Our Future

Van Diemen Genetics are constantly evolving, as is the market we play in. 

Whilst our roots are in dairy farming, we are pushing into the supply of beef genetics in a big way in recent years and are constantly researching and developing techniques to offer a wider range of services and better results to our valued clients.

 Meet Our Team

Mark Handley

As an ex dairy farmer, Mark Handley's key skill lies in building relationships with farmers out in the field & delivering a great service. Mark has over 20 years experience in the reselling of cattle genetics.

Josh Handley

Josh is a very easy to talk to and approachable team member who is professional and prompt in his dealings. Josh is hands on in the operational aspects of running the Van Diemen Genetics business.

Jake Handley

Jake is passionate about the animal genetics industry and is enjoying exploring new areas and growing with it.

Jan Simpson

Jan Simpson joined our team in January 2019. With over 40 years involvement in dairy industry she began her career as a passionate & commercially oriented Jersey cow breeder and was later the editor of the Australian Jersey Journal. Today Jan lives and breathes animal genetics and has spent the last 11 years assisting dairy farmers to identify the traits required to achieve their breeding goals for their operation.

Kylie Porteous

Kylie is one of our leading AI Technicians at Van Diemen Genetics.

Our core services are semen sales and artificial insemination.
With all of our services we ensure stringent animal treatment guidelines.