We are currently making a big push into the beef market and have genuine passion, experience and interest in this aspect of the industry.

FTAI (fixed time artificial insemination) in beef is a great herd management tool in terms of overall herd fertility and tightening up calving periods and a service Van Diemen Genetics can offer.

Programming your heifers and first calvers can set them up in the herd for life, with a much higher percentage of animals getting in calf during the early stages of the breeding season.

The progeny that result from this on average are born earlier in the season, which means heifers are able to obtain earlier sexual maturity prior to their first joining. With an even crop of weaners given more time to grow. FTAI in beef herds has statistically shown an increase in genetic merit of the overall herd, as well as a clear improvement in net gain.  


Our core services are semen sales and artificial insemination.
With all of our services we ensure stringent animal treatment guidelines.