Sales of semen

We can source from ALL semen companies, and also have the agencies for CRV, Samen, Dovea and IPS.  See our agency pages to access breeding catalogues from these companies and what we have available. We offer both a wholesale and retail service when it comes to the sale of our semen. Contact us for more information about becoming one of our wholesalers.

In the age of genomic testing there is a huge amount of selection pressure for AI sires (the bulls kept on centre to produce semen for sale). All bulls are genetically tested now and provide a large amount of data back to us in regards to different breed traits, health, fertility, whether their daughters will produce A2 milk, whether they will be fully polled (produce progeny with horns or not).      

We then use this data to look over certain criteria that we specifically select on that we know is going to suit the needs of our markets and produce or work towards producing the ideal cow. At the start of every year we spend a great amount of time poring over data from thousands of bulls to form the team of bulls that we plan on running with for the year

Artificial Insemination (AI)

A cattle breeder may choose to utilise artificial insemination (AI) in their herds for several reasons including:

  • genetic improvement
  • access to genetics from across the world
  • access to genetics from lines that they would not otherwise be able to afford to purchase
  • to reduce the number of bulls required
  • access to breeds that are not available locally
  • to join a bull with more females than he would be able to serve naturally in one mating season
  • to mate individual cows to specific sires
  • potential increased value of progeny from AI sires
  • to reduce the risk of infection from venereal diseasesOur specialists will travel to service cows morning and night after they have been drafted out from milking due to ‘heat detection’ which means they are on heat and ready to be mated.


We specialise in synchronisation programs and fixed time artificial insemination (FTAI). This is when we tailor a program to ‘program’ the cows into all coming in to heat at around the one time which then allows the farmer to have one huge mating day where every cow is inseminated at the one time. There is many benefits to such a program.

Storage facilities

We offer a free tank and semen storage facility for our semen customers, and sales and delivery of liquid nitrogen for tanks on-farm.

Australia wide consultancy

Genetic consultation, which is a free service we offer in conjunction with sales. We include genetic consultation as part of the whole service to farmers, appraising their herds and listening to their needs to put forward a team of bulls that genuinely suit the herd. We believe this sets us apart. Other reps are only there to make a sale, regardless of if the product truly is the best suited.

Other services

We also have your tail paint and other heat detection aids covered at competitive prices.

The criteria we focus on for all of our herd improvement services are:

  • Semen Fertility – this means how likely the bull semen is to get the cow in calf, sometimes cows take multiple rounds of AI before they are in calf ( or not at all ).
  • Daughter fertility – this increases the likelihood of the progeny of this bulls to get in calf.
  • Medium stature – cows have been to big so we always look at keeping them at a modern stature.
  • Fat and Protein percentages in the milk – milk payments are made on percentages of solids (fat and protein) the higher the percentage the more the farmer is paid.
  • Good mammary systems – the cow udder needs to be strong, healthy and good shape and structure to withstand the rigours of milking and day to day life as well as stand against possible infections and milk well.
  • Good locomotion – Cows need to have sound feet and legs as well as good structure to make sure they can walk well to the dairy every day and not break down.

Our core services are semen sales and artificial insemination.
With all of our services we ensure stringent animal treatment guidelines.